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What We Value & Believe

Christ Centered

We are a church who strives to be Christ-centered as it teaches traditional biblical values to its families through the preaching of the Word.

  • FBCBG believes in marriage between a man and a woman built through Christ-centered love, accountability and growth from the Bible.

  • FBCBG believes in creating and sustaining traditions that bring glory to God.

  • FBCBG believes in encouraging all believers to grow in their relationship with the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

Gospel Driven

We are a church who strives to shares the gospel with its city, state, nation and world.

  • FBCBG believes in the Great Commission which tells us to go and make disciples of all nations.

  • FBCBG believes in using evangelism as a tool to share the love of Jesus.

  • FBCBG believes in equipping every member to be prepared to share their faith through testimony. 

Joyfully United

We are a church who is heavily encouraged through worship and the fellowship of the body of Christ. 

  • ​FBCBG believes a personal relationship with Jesus is necessary for authentic worship. 

  • FBCBG believes corporate worship is an extension of personal daily worship with the Lord.

  • FBCBG believes fellowship unites the body of Christ through encouragement, accountability and growth.

Prayerfully Obedient

We are a church who communicates with God through prayer as we seek to discern and obey the will of God.

  • FBCBG believes prayer should be used to praise God, confess sin, express thanksgiving and intercede for others.

  • FBCBG believes immediate obedience is the proper faithful response to God’s will.

  •  FBCBG believes prayer and obedience are imperative for the revitalization of the body of Christ.

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